Money Transfers to Syria

For some time, there are only very few options available to send money to Syria.

Here you can find background information and an overview of the remaining options.

Financial sanctions: Background

Due to the continuing use of force against civilians in Syria the EU-Council in 2011 imposed some sanctions – among others an arms embargo, trade restrictions and travel restrictions for those persons responsible for the human rights violations.

The embargo also includes financial sanctions against certain individuals, organizations and institutions. It is not allowed to directly or indirectly make money or any economic resources available to these.

Please find here additional information of the German Central Bank on financial sanctions.

Bank transfers to Syria

According to the German Central Bank, German banks are still permitted to make bank transfers to Syria, as long as they abide by all the EU-regulations.

For example, they have to proof that the receiver of the money is a private citizen against whom no sanctions have been imposed. Also, they have to disclose the origin of the money to be transferred. It is up to each bank’s discretion whether or not it will offer bank transfers to Syria, albeit the extensive examinations.

De facto this means (!): Some banks have restricted or temporarily discontinued their services to Syria. Even if a bank transfer has been ordered, it may not be carried out after the thorough examinations by the bank or might be rejected by the correspondent bank. Not in all cases the sender can then be reimbursed for the money spent on the failed transaction. Also, if additional charges apply, they might have to be borne by the customer.


Find a list of some banks that still offer transfers – given that the examination is successful – and an overview of the costs and conditions here.

Online and cash transfers through money transfer operators to Syria


Presently, the options of sending money through money transfer operators are severely limited:

At the moment, no money transfer operator provides online transactions from Germany. Only one operator offers cash transfers from its branches and agent locations. Payout options in Syria do not cover the whole country. Delays and breaches in service provision might occur.

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