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General information

In your own interests, you should follow one basic rule: always keep the vouchers and receipts that you are given. These often contain important information, and often also have a cashier’s signature. If, for example, your transfer is taking longer than usual, you should enquire at your bank or your money transfer operator. The vouchers may serve as important proof that you actually paid in the money.


I have rights as a customer – what happens if I have problems with the bank? For most banks, savings banks and financial service providers, there are contacts you can approach if difficulties arise.

Good to know

The fees of the banks and transfer service providers are determined by the costs involved in sending and receiving the transfers. International payment transactions are often not as simple as transfers within Germany or the EU. The banks often have to spend much more time processing each individual transfer than with domestic transfers. Often, intermediary banks have to be used, which increases the cost. Ask your bank for a detailed statement of the costs, which will enable you to see how the costs are broken down.


With an account-to-account transfer, you help stabilise the financial system in your country of origin. Transfers and savings deposits are important inflows of funds for banks, and increase their scope for lending to private individuals and businesses. The financial crisis has shown us that without credit even the healthiest business can quickly run into difficulties. In this way, every individual saver and remitter can help the banks give out loans, enabling businesses and private individuals to invest. And this is what the banking industry is there to do. Here is an example.

In Germany, roughly one-third of all new cars are financed by credit. Studies by the Bankenfachverband (BFACH) show that these cars would probably not be bought at all – and would therefore never have been produced – without credit finance.


The fees for transfers shown on GeldtranFAIR.de are simply the costs for the sender. The fees of cooperating banks in the recipient country can add further substantial costs, which cannot be calculated in advance of the transfer. If transfer costs are shared, the recipient pays the local fees. However, you as the sender can choose to pay all the fees (OUR transfer).