The Data in Detail

The following table provides an example that explains the different columns in the transfer costs overview:


Amount: The prices and fees are identified for three transfer amounts, EUR 150, EUR 500 and EUR 1,000. The data are updated every two months based on data identified by mystery shoppers.

Provider: Between nine and ten banks, savings institutions and online banks and three to five money transfer operators are shown for each corridor. The number varies from corridor to corridor, because not every operator serves every corridor, and because country-specific banks are included in some lists.

Method of Transfer: A foreign transfer can be done in different ways, referred to below as ‘products’. These include different methods of payment and disbursement, e.g. credit card to cash transfers, cash-to-cash transfers or conventional account-to-account transfers.

Fee: We show the transaction related fees [1] when the sender bears all the costs. For this, GeldtransFAIR.de collects all the information on fees made available by the transfer service provider in question. Unfortunately, this does not rule out the possibility that the recipient bank might charge additional costs. We show providers that do not disclose all costs with an "!" as intransparent.

Exchange rate margin (%): The exchange rate margin shows the ratio between the exchange rate applied by the transfer service provider and the rate for large transactions in the capital market, which is often more favourable than the exchange rate applied for money transfers by private customers. Transfer service providers which do not disclose to the sender the exchange rate applied at the time of the transfer are clearly indicated with an asterisk (‘!’). You can see the applied exchange rate by rolling the cursor over the column ‘Exchange rate margin (%)’.

Total cost (%): this shows the total cost as a percentage of the planned transfer amount.

Total cost (EUR): this shows the total amount of all the costs which our mystery shoppers were able to identify. Besides the transaction fee, these costs include the exchange rate fee, see ‘exchange rate margin (%)’.

Payout locations: The column shows where recipients in the target country can get the money paid out to them, e.g. nationwide or only in major cities.

[1] For more information please go to Frequently asked questions.