Customer Experiences

GeldtransFAIR.de has asked people who regularly send money from Germany abroad about their experiences. Where do they get the information about the different money transfer operators and their offers? On what criteria do they base their decision for a certain service provider or offer? How do transfer fees, speed, payout locations, reliability and customer service figure in their decision-making? Which method of transfer do they prefer (for example from account to account or credit card to cash) and why? GeldtransFAIR.de aims to facilitate the exchange of information between senders and thereby to contribute to more transparency on the German money transfer market.



Read more about what aspects are of importance to other senders and about their customer experiences with transferring money:




Irfan from Pakistan: “I want a quick service!"

"I regularly send money from Germany to Multan, Pakistan. I normally use the same transfer operators because I became familiar with the procedure over time. I prefer established services, since the money reaches my hometown within hours. As a regular customer you often get loyalty offers. However, it is worth to compare: prices vary depending on the amount I want to send. I choose an operator by comparing speed and costs – at a single glance!” 


Amaru from Nigeria: "The overall service is decisive!"

Amaru from Nigeria

"For my wife and me, the overall service delivery is crucial when choosing a transfer operator. Therefore, we pay attention to several factors: Are the branches within our reach? Are the opening hours customer-friendly and can we deposit money in the evenings or on Saturdays? How long does it take before our family can collect the money? Can the cash be picked up also in rural areas? We also care about reliability and customer friendliness. As long as we are pleased with the overall service delivery and convenience, we are readily willing to accept higher fees.”

Janice from the Philippines: "I prefer small operators!"


Janice from the Philippines

"Like many Filipinos in Germany, I prefer to use smaller operators which have specialized on transfers to the Philippines when sending money to my mother. They just know the local context much better and in case there are any problems the two of us can trust in a reliable contact person!"

Saroja from India: "Carrying a lot of cash is dangerous. I send the money online"

Indian Rupees

„My grandparents live in a small village in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.  I travel there once a year from Frankfurt to visit them. In the past, I saved lots of money, which I then withdrew at an ATM in the nearest bigger city in India and delivered myself. I never felt comfortable carrying so much cash with me on the bus, because it is very dangerous. So I looked for other cheap but safe options to send the money to them. Today, some of the bigger money transfer operators have branches in rural areas, where  money is paid out in cash to the recipient – so my grandparents don’t even need to travel to the city. I now send them money more frequently, but smaller amounts.”


Do you sometimes send money to family and friends abroad and would like to share your experiences with GeldtransFAIR.de and other customers? Send us an e-mail to geldtransfair@giz.de